Yajna as principle of life
- the master key for success at physical, emotional and spiritual levels

A comprehensive survey Na Vedaat param shaastram, na yajnaat param vidhihi                                                                 There is no Shashtra superior to Vedas and no application superior to Yajna


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In ancient Vedic society, yajna was an integral part of daily life. It played a vital role in providing communal prosperity, social peace and harmony with the self. Yajna is a ritual connecting human beings with the divine essence. It is not merely a fire ritual or a sacrifice but a combination of esoteric and exoteric elements to propitiate the cosmic energies.

Yajna is relevant in today's life also. The spirit inherent in yajna is 'sacrifice and service' as a way of life. In this sense, knowing yajna amounts to Rediscovery of Life.

Pravargya Jyoti in Soma YajnaYajna is a scientific process.  It results in powerful ascent of energy. The energy that rises out of a yajna process is comparable to the ascent of Kundalini (the principal theme of Raja Yoga) or even the release of nuclear energy.

The process that actuates or ignites is physical yajna. It employs two sub-processes; the chanting of mantras and simultaneous offering of oblation material in sacred fire. The techniques used therein and the methodology employed  are found in the Vedas. Thus, Vedas become the scientific base to yajna process.

Just as the energy release out of the processes like ascent of Kundalini or the nuclear fusion/fission has to be channalised through development of proper skills, so also the use of yajnic power needs dispensation skills. They form the art of Yajna. They are helpful in  disseminating the knowledge of  the Vedas. In other words, the application of the theory of Vedas i.e. yajna is the art of life.

What branch of knowledge (science) can be superior to the one that  becomes the force to life itself ? Similarly, the art tVasordhara ritual in Parjanya Yaaghat beckons life itself can not be second to any conceivable faculty (of art).

The book titled "Yajna - a comprehensive survey" published by Yoga Publication TrustR, Munger, Bihar, India and authored by Sn. Gyanshruti and Sn. Srividyananda of Bihar School of YogaR gives the genesis of yajna and its relevance to modern times.

It will help to understand the science underlying yajna as embodied in the Vedic tradition. One can gain, on way, an insight to the significance of yajna rituals, their relevance in this century and personal benefits. The book will be a useful tool to appreciate how yajna can be developed into a full blown art of living and a powerful tool for self development leading to a complete personality.

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